Catching Up...

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bz wants some pictures. Here’s one.

I installed a poll subsystem, you should see that over on the right. The first question has to do with the linked article from ESPN. Don’t get me wrong, I root for womankind against the oppresive elements of mankind all the time, but isn’t this taking it a little far? Leave a comment, vote, whatever.

I’m scared enough of the RIAA I took down my music list. I’ve been ready to stop trading for a short time, actually, even without their subpoenas. This reminds me. There’s only two reasons to take Latin: it makes learning any other language a piece of cake, and you can spell words like “subpoena” without having to look them up. I invited a guest author to speak on the topic, maybe he’ll restore my courage.
And another.
I’m about half way through my next book, look for that review before next week is out. It’s been every bit as good as Wu Li, but it’s two or three times as long. And I can’t tell you what it is, it’s a secret.

I was so stressed about what to do with my Friday night, and I couldn’t be happier that I spend it talking to friends and getting a couple of things up here.

Oh yeah, the pictures. I don’t pretend to have a full grasp of what we’re doing in Iraq, but I have some theories. If we do find Saddam, GW is going to have a hell of a time convincing America that our boys still belong over there. Also, no matter if you agree with our policy or not, why don’t you donate to the USO. They don’t even get to phone home for free, people.