Unfrozen Caveman Blog

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  • My birthday was awesome, in terms of stuff at least. I got more gifts than I have in the past ten years, including $300 at Ikea. I’m really looking forward to getting my new apartment, whenever that happens. I was in a new apartment the other day that made it look like you can get the surround-sound speaker wire run for yourself. How great would that be? Obviously, in terms of people contact, that could have been a little better.
  • The work project has gone well. I made a pretty big mistake in one area, which I’m trying to work past. Luckily the area I made the mistake in wasn’t the main reason I was hired, so as a result I’ve gotten to focus a little more on my main task. As a result, I’m almost certain I’m going to deliver on time, and that will boost my karma.
  • I am debt free for the first time since ‘97. It feels pretty good, but actually less good than you’d think. Now I guess it’s time to focus on my get-rich-and-famous-and-change-the-world plan.
  • My music collection has been getting a fair bit of attention lately. After recovering from a hard drive crash (man was THAT easier than it could have been!) I finished off tagging the rest of my MP3’s. Now I’m looking to get my live music in order. After my work project concludes, I consider it highly likely that I’ll be writing a web application for my own music collection, and then everyone else gets to use it.
  • I started Netflix again. I figure it’s a cheap way to keep everyone entertained. Start looking for those reviews to show up, and to hear from me more in general.
  • I’m going to hold off on the post about the conference I went to this past weekend. It went really well, in the meantime.