JSR-175: A First Look

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  • I really don’t care about the syntax. If I need to use the functionality, I’ll learn how to use it the way it’s been written. It’s just part of the cost to me in the developer’s seat. Nobody is forcing you to use it; we’re ages away from when there will be a legacy system using it.
  • I thought that it was going to provide something similar to XDoclet . To be fair, I also don’t understand XDoclet that well, but I have seen how it’s used with Hibernate. It seems to be that JSR-175 is aiming in a slightly different direction, such that you could use one or the other, or use them both together
  • I’m really excited about what might be done with these annotations, and it’s an excellent idea to be aware of. I especially agree that the fit with AOP is exciting. Java computing could look quite a bit different in five years. Sun: keeping the educators in business.
  • In terms of my plans, I’m definitely wait and see on this one. I’m much more willing to get my hands dirty with generics, since I’ve got much more training in that area, and the benefits are immediate and easy to understand.



Gavin King, author of Hibernate, has contributed his thoughts.

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