OS X Freebies of Choice

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I’ve been using OS X on my new MacBook Pro for some time now, and I’m elated with it. I have used OS X before, at Rice. At that time, it was the only computer that I could do everything I would ever need to do from. I’m over that, this time around. I needed to be able to do even more, and OS X did not let me down. I have had to pay a lot for software this time around, but we’ll get into that in a later post.

What I Run

Web Browsing (and del.icio.us) posting

Camino and dashLicious are my preferred combo here, although I do run Firefox right now for GMail. I may try out BonEcho, but my computer hasn’t shied under the load so far, so running two browsers is OK by me. Camino delivers a Firefox level of browsing quality almost always, and pairs perfectly with dashLicious, which is kind enough to be browser agnostic.


Quicksilver is the majordomo for OS X. “Albert, open my newsreader!”, “Albert, send this file over IM to my friend Jeremy!” Quicksilver has most of its functionality tied to Apple software, but plugins are available.

Flickr Uploadr

I use Flickr for my photosharing needs, and you can view the bigfleet photostream to check it out yourself. The tools are so much better than uploading directly using the web interface, it’s kind of a joke that I ever used the web in the first place.

If you use Flickr, this tool is a must download.

Google Notifier and GMail Macros

The whole reason that I run two browsers is that the combination of GreaseMonkey and GMail Macros is so powerful. The real inspiration for this post is that I have finally reached an empty inbox on GMail after clearing out nearly 2600 unread messages. You can fly through tagging, archiving, and deleting messages with barely any time at all. It really facilitates the sort of session that is advocated in Getting Things Done.

Google Notifier does the job of letting me know when I have new mail. It also lets me know if I have just read a piece of mail (by displaying a “new” entry in the ten newest unread messages list) which is annoying but still worth it.

Handbrake, iSquint and Lostify

Just read this if you have an iPod.


Even if NeoOffice is slow to start up, you can’t beat free. Maybe the new iWork releases are awesome, though, and they’ll be worth paying for.


If you use SSH a lot, you can use SSHKeychain to stop typing your passwords. If you’re like me, that actually makes a big difference.


Although I really wish that either Adium would work with Quicksilver or Yahoo would work with iChat, since neither of those seems to be imminent, it’s Adium for me. Although I did get laid off, so I’m not really required to use Yahoo! IM anymore, so the iChat door is open again.


MySQL is my favored database, and CocoaMySQL is my favorite interface to it on OS X.


For BitTorrent on the Mac, my favorite application is Transmission although BitRocket shows a lot of promise.


IRC is taken care of by Colloquy. It’s the best IRC client that I’ve ever used.

Have fun with this!