Hope Springs

- -

As I write this, with the late evening games of Round 1 yet to conclude, I stand tied for first in my bracket competition. Come on, buckets, I could use the spare dough! I am officially worried by the Clemson Tigers at this second, however. A Tiger beats a Wildcat every time, though, so I am sure they’ll pull through. I don’t care how feisty that Wildcat is.

I’m happy to see the UT men’s basketball team put together a good season, and I thought the game against Memphis was a classic. I hope to see them do well, even though I picked them to get upset early. That way I at least get something to be happy about either way.

The Fans of the ACC 2008 season is about to get underway. It seems that there’s always something rocky during the off-season, and I’m considering having this be my last year as commissioner so that I can just enjoy playing for a change, but who knows.

I like the way my team looks—but I did last year as well and finished 8th out of ten! I drafted horribly and made some terrible trades. I tried to learn from my mistakes and put together a better off-season this time. You can check out my team if you like.

I may not have football, but it’s a good looking spring right now.