What's Now in Rails: IDE

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What does your environment look like these days? Still using TextMate or have you moved on to something better?


There’s TextMate…

I still use TextMate. It still has a lot to offer, and to me, it’s the most natural environment. Here are the additional bundles that I have as a part of my installation.


Available from SVN here, GetBundles is your one-stop shop for getting these bundles and more. Check it out, absolutely.

Ack in TextMate

(Also interesting is the rak gem for Ruby, if you are into the command line.)


Use this to help you use git while you get used to it. The command line is so powerful, you’ll probably have to end up learning to use it there, but in the meantime, it doesn’t hurt to have some simple things at your fingertips.


This is basically just a glorified blame right now, but I anticipate that I will be able to use it to quickly load and comment publicly on certain commits.

rSpec and Cucumber

These are my friends for testing. I’ll be using that material for a talk (or lengthier blog post) soon.

and everything else.

There are a lot of people trying out things like emacs and vim again. What’s old is new again! If either of these are your favorite editor, I’m sure you can poke around and find some good resources.