A Modern Tale of Tech Support

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I recently encountered a good round of good old-fashioned customer service. In this day and age, that’s rare enough, but this story also involves social media and no direct profit motive. I’ve wanted to write about it for quite some time.I have been a part of CISV USA since I was 11, and have been volunteering with them since then. They are a non-profit, youth peace education organization. For the last several years, this has been as the Electronic Communication committee chair. I have a small budget that I oversee and make decisions about how we’re going to spend it from year to year. Some of these efforts have been successful, others, not as much. Independently, I have used and experienced more wikis than I care to count, or to name here. Although I believe passionately in the wiki concept, and the effect that it can have in groups of all sizes and varieties, I personally don’t care for a vast majority of them. To my mind, there is Confluence and then everything else, although Confluence is a paid product. For non-profits (and open-source projects), however, Confluence is freely available! I’ve had CISV set up with it for awhile (although it to date has not been that successful.) To fan acceptance for the wiki, I wanted to upgrade to the most recent version of Confluence. I also had the opportunity to upgrade to the new suite of server software at CISV USA’s preferred host. I figured I’d get the two set up together and could just transfer the DNS, and it’d be done. Turns out that’s not how Confluence wants you to perform an upgrade, as I spend the next several weeks (off and on) finding out. To make a long story short (although you can find more details in the support ticket I filed), I tried to get support and was pointed to existing Confluence documentation. I pursued all leads and wasn’t helped. I posted a note on Twitter that I wasn’t satisfied, and soon after the director of support was involved. Although it took some additional time, they ended up providing the highest level of service I could have imagined. Update: Ivan contacted me directly and independently yesterday to follow up (see what I mean?) and informed me that he is a support team lead, not the director of support. My hat is off to Atlassian for having a great product and standing behind it in ways that allow us all to benefit. I encourage you to consider Confluence should you need a wiki– it is the best around.