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DevOps Culture Hacks | “A turning point for Jesse in terms of moving from an obstacle in the way of change to someone that really knew how to add value with ops practice stemmed from a battle he got into with the ‘VP of Awesome’ at Amazon. This was the nickname of this particular VP because it seemed that pretty much any highly interesting project at Amazon was under this man’s purview. What happened was that Jesse did not want to let out a piece of software because he knew, for sure, that it would bring the site down. The VP overrode him by saying that the site may go down, but the stock price will go up. So, the software went out, and it brought the site down. Two days of firefighting and the site came back up, and so did the stock price, and so did the volume of orders. The dev team went on and had a party, they were rewarded for job well done, new and profitable functionality released. At the end of the year, Ops got penalized for the outage! Amazon rewarded development for releasing software and providing value and operations was not a part of that. They were in fact penalized for something that was out of their control.”

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