About Me

Posted on Oct 16, 2023

Hello, everyone. I appreciate you spending some time with me.

I was born in East Tennessee, which is a very beautiful place. Lacking in imagination, I found it boring as a young man.

I went to school in Houston, TX at Rice University which was wonderful. Houston offers access to many thrills, several of which I overindulged. Compared to East Tennessee, it is not a very nice place to be. You can see a yellow-brown dome over the city from miles away. Occasionally, it just smells awful. It was a swamp, after all.

When the time came to leave Houston, I went to Richmond, Virginia. It was very lovely. I took my first steps in my career, as well as in finding my technical community. I met my wife, and several dear friends. At the time, moving to Charlotte was bittersweet.

The bitterness has been forgotten. We’ve thrived in Charlotte. I love its mixture of the big city and small town. When I look at the window at my office, it’s trees as far as the eye can see. There’s been tremendous personal and professional opportunity here, and for that I am very grateful.

My wife Megan and I have had two sons. One plays piano, and the other loves Pokemon cards. We have three huskies.