A Fine Day In Music Trading

Posted on Jul 18, 2003

They won’t end up on my list for some time yet, but as a combination of downloading and the mail yesterday, these show got added to my incoming shows:

  • Coldcut, DJ Food, and DJ Z-Trip 12-25-00, Solid Steel Radio
  • DJ Krush 12-4-01, Live in Rochester, NY
  • DJ Shadow and DJ Krush, 10-11-95, Live in Leeds
  • A Tribe Called Quest, 11-24-98
  • Black Eyed Peas, 12-14-02
  • De La Soul, 10-28-01
  • Del The Funkee Homosapien, 11-22-2002
  • Outkast 7-31-2001

This doesn’t even include some shows that came in that turned out to be MP3 sourced. Some of those are new to eTree, which makes me happy. Any one of those shows above would have made the day feel like a success, so having all of them come in at once was very exciting to me.

I do have plans for a healthy subsystem of links to musical acts. In another month, I should be done with my contracting projects, allowing my free time to be my free time. (Won’t that be something!) Then I’ll at least have some time to think about it and see what I can do. I am definitely all about spreading the musical love.