Review: Say Anything

Posted on Jul 22, 2003

(ed. note: This post seems like it’s missing several paragraphs. I also removed an unkind reference to The Phantom Menace.)

When I finally did watch it, however, I was pleasantly surprised. I suppose that I was wrong not to give Cameron Crowe the benefit of the doubt, because even if his films haven’t been works of art, they have never been trash, either.

What you get with Say Anything is a pleasant, little high-school drama. You have a sensitive-not-paralyzed young man charming a beautiful, intelligent, yet curiously not universally lusted over young lady. It fit into my framework of the way things like this go. No spoilers, but the interplay between the men in her life and her gravitation towards them seems to be no surprise.

Still, I just don’t know what to say about this movie. It should be required viewing for sophomores in high-school, but if you’re already older than that, there’s really no point that I can see. Perhaps if you’re not a nice-type guy, you could see what kind of reaction your girl has to Lloyd.

I’ve got to wrap this up, because of time constraints. It’s a pleasant movie, which you might like watching as a matinee while you do something else that’s important. Like, say, I did. Otherwise, start it as a 10/10 if you’re 14, and substract half a point a year until you hit college, then give it a one point deduction then, leaving a 7/10