Weekend at Eric's

Posted on Aug 5, 2003

Even though I wasted about an hour getting out of Houston by not double-checking my route before I left, I got to Austin in time for a late dinner. We had some beers and some of the best portobello mushrooms I’ve ever had, while talking each other’s ears off. It was one of those conversations that makes you glad to be alive, when you feel like there’s meaning in what’s happening to all of us, and it’s not just some sort of brutal randomness.

All I was expecting for the next day was some frisbee, but we ended up heading to Lake Travis. I had never even heard of it before the trip up. It wasn’t exactly like any lake I had ever been to before. One bank was relatively high-faced cliffs while the other was just like any other bank of a lake that you’ve seen. Houses, piers, that sort of thing. While the lake isn’t the ocean in terms of being able to calm me down, it sure was beautiful. For what seemed like a half-hour, I just sat there and watched the sun reflect off the tops of waves, thinking that it was some message I just couldn’t understand. Then Chet and Rocky came breaking up the party with their jet-skis, but I can’t hold that against them. How should they know any better?

After naps for the both of us, we ducked a party at his neighbor’s. I guess I’m not the only person to ever pull something like that. We went to go see Capturing the Friedman’s instead. I’ll probably review it at some point; it was enjoyable. There’s quite a queue forming for that kind of action! I’m finishing stuff right and left lately.

After waiting out the party a little, I managed to get to sleep. I left before lunch the next day to get bak to my kitties, get the laundry done, get my place cleaned up, all that fun stuff. All in all, the weekend was a total success. It’s been awhile since I got any sun, and it reminds me of happy times seeing that pink face in the mirror.

So, thanks again, Eric! And you all should take a little weekend for yourselves sometimes. Assuming you don’t in the first place. Slackers.