Posted on Aug 11, 2003

Friendster shakes you up with four levels of friends, stirs, and lets settle. It was originally started as a dating service (interestingly enough), but I think it’s kind of interesting to see from a purely network/information point of view. You can also people watch without getting out of your chair.

In short, go ahead and join. Why not? I should be registered with my bigfleet address, which will go out of commission shortly after a six year run. That’s like 72 in Internet years.

I’ve heard some people talk bad about it, including me. The first time I logged on, I was like “What’s the point?” It gets a lot more interesting as your membership becomes official and you add a couple of friend links. I’m linked to twelve girls in Houston with three friends who (to my knowledge) have never even visited here. Freaky stuff.

One guy on one of my mailing lists said “It’s a popularity contest, just like high-school.” Well, who cares? Let them win. I just want to see interesting stuff, and it certainly helped pass some time at work today.