Posted on Aug 11, 2003

Jim joins the 21st century

There’s a cell phone with my name on it in Virginia with the folks. This’ll be a first for me, not counting the two weeks I had Erin’s cell phone. At least I’ve finally established a history of not losing important electronic items!

I went on a “date.”

It wasn’t the first one. I’ve met both girls on the Internet, as I really don’t feel the internal strength to go out and give it a try. It’s not that I care about getting hurt, it’s just exhausting and I’m already tired. By the way, both girls apparently just decided to not reply to some communication from me. Is this en vogue now? I see why it pisses women off so much. I could care less if they just didn’t think there wasn’t any chemistry. Because they’re right, there hasn’t been any. But as it is, it still pops up in my brain every now and again. Annoying.

Moving appointment

The movers are coming to give me a quote Wednesday morning. I’m sick of Houston. I’m in a pattern here that I need help to get myself out of, and moving should be just the ticket. Living with somebody responsible helps you get in good habits. I can start them, no problem, but I need help to keep them going.

Vacation coming

I’m headed to Virginia Beach next week! I couldn’t be more excited to get to the beach. Hopefully that week will be all I need to get the Seba project completed, and I’m could probably finish at least two books. I’ve got 100 pages or so left on two different ones. It’s been so long since I took three books on a beach trip! Just thinking about the ocean relaxes me.

That’s it for now, peeps.