I'm Back!

Posted on Aug 26, 2003

Vacation is over

I read all the books I left with over that week. The brain is getting pretty limber! Already posted is the review of the book I read before the break. Ill hope to have one more up every night till theyre all up. It was very enlightening, although I finally read some books that I didnt think were that great. Virginia Beach itself seemed pretty average. The familys doing pretty well, although its a time of big flux still. Its tough to gauge everyone when I spend so much time away.

The Me Sale

I’m trying to get rid of a lot of my stuff to keep from having to move it. I’m tired of being so heavyweight. I posted two notices about the stuff I was selling, and now two items remain less than 24 hours later. If this keeps up, Ill be more than ready to go when the movers show up, maybe before my dad shows up.

Classes Start and I’m Not There

To be on Rice campus without feeling excited about classes starting is very strange. The fact that Im excited to be leaving is even stranger. Im actually kind of getting a thrill about having my own responsibilities on campus draw to a close.