Review: War Double Bill

Posted on Aug 27, 2003

The Manchurian Candidate

I had two thoughts after I finished watching this movie. The first was that “Wow, I can’t believe this movie is that old!” Besides the “Haha, look at the scary communists!” factor we have in today’s viewings, during release, this was deadly serious stuff. But this movie is about 60% plot (which you can read about elsewhere) and 40% well-done character development. Sinatra himself has the flattest one, but he does know kung fu.

The other was that “I can’t believe this movie hasn’t been remade.” I’m sure Hollywood will get around to it at some point. They better hurry and get Jude Law: he’s a dead ringer for the assassin! I couldn’t recommend this movie more highly, anything that old which stands up that well deserves at least a 9.4/10

The Bridge On The River Kwai

This one is more famous, and has Obi-Wan Kenobi in it. Seriously, Alec Guiness is great in this movie, playing a British major who is determined to do things the “right” way. By the time he’s almost convinced you, you realize he’s completely delusional and that time in the ‘hot box’ probably fried his brains. This is another war movie where the characters have depth, the plot is compelling. It doesn’t dig straight to the soul of man the way I feel The Thin Red Line did, for instance, but it’s still worthwhile. I give it an 8.2/10