End Of The Line!

Posted on Sep 30, 2003

Week 1

On day one, I woke up in my bed with all my stuff still in the apartment, except the stuff I gave away. By noon, everything was gone. I waited on the Merry Maids to come help me keep my deposit. (I ended up netting $20 on that little investment, go me!) At that point the only thing left to do was hit the road!

The first stop was Austin, TX. I unloaded the kitties, who had had a rough day with every thing getting packed up including them. When I let them out in Furbish’s empty room, I thought they’d be OK. When I came back in later, two of them were in the litter box and the third was wedged between the box and the wall. I’ve never seen them so upset. I let them out to explore Casa Furbish and they repayed me by not peeing on any of his stuff.

The reason I went a few hours out of my way was that I got to see Mogwai, probably the one band I could never justify missing. Hopefully, I’ll get another chance to see them, but if it was the first and last, I’d be happy. It was a very solid performance, and they did about half of my favorites, as well as half their new album.

The next morning, I got on my way to Jackson, TN, to check in with Ashley Johnson, a friend of mine from Governor’s School. When we met, she was Ashley James, meaning I got to meet her husband. We were both Road Dogs on Wednesday, so we chilled out on Thursday, talked sports, and watched the hurricane hit the East Coast. I really enjoyed my time there; they’ve got a great place, and the two of them are a good match. That made me really happy. Her job is in the Department of Human Services (think welfare) which isn’t exactly what you’d expect from a conservative, but hey, nobody ever said the world made sense all the time.

I made the 730 miles from Austin to Jackson in ten and a half hours, my best time ever for a trip of that length. Had to put that in here.

The next stop was Maryville. When I first did the blogish thing back during Freshman year, I would put anything up. These days, there are some things that are just too personal. Some things might find there way up later, but not now. The stay was good, and I saw everyone I needed to see, except one.

The drive to Richmond went fine, and the kitties were glad to be off the road.

Week 2

Richmond rules. The first thing you notice is that there are trees absolutely everywhere. I saw more stars last night than I have an in extremely long time. I wore jeans today, and it sounds like I’ll need to wear long sleeves by the end of the week. I saw my breath tonight when I went outside. I was ready for all these things again, I always liked seasonably cold weather.

The traffic here appears to be pretty non-existent, which is something I’m overjoyed with. I’ve been driving just a couple of times, and I already feel like I have a feel for the major roads, and that I could get anywhere I needed to. That took me years in Houston.

My room has come together quite well. Mom’s got big plans for the downstairs, but when it’s writing on paper, it’s always tough for me to see. In a couple of weeks, we’ll see how that’s shaping up. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve got a great room already, so anything else after that will be gravy.

So there you go. That’s pretty much what I wanted to say, and I just wanted to break the ice on this site again. I’ve been away too long, and it’s good to write.


UPDATE: (01/01/06) That would be the last time I saw Jesse alive. It was the first time I saw him essentially in constant pain.