Does Jesus Play Baseball?

Posted on Oct 4, 2003

Why do we think God (or Christ) would care? Why would he be on the side of Trot Nixon instead of the numerous praying players on the Oakland Athletics? My own theories (which are far away from being solid enough to write down) would seem to skirt around these issues, and ESPN deals with this topic every year it seems like. I’m sure we’ll see it now that Outside the Lines has gone weekly.

Moving to a less ethereal aspect, why does sport fascinate people? My father, who would know this kind of thing, says that it’s one of the few activities that can be traced to prehistoric times. You would think, in prehistoric times, that they should have been out hunting with their energy. Doesn’t it seem like sports must have some kind of value? Even if it does, however, is it limited to the prehistoric man level of value? Is the value the feeling of togetherness in being with a team, or feeling like you’re the best at something so you can get hot chicks?

If so, how do you explain figure skating? Yeah, sure, it’s a sport.

Is it some kind of fundamental beauty that we appreciate? It’s a little late, and I’m a little pissed off at UT’s gameplan to beat Auburn tonight (hey, why run the ball at all?) so I’m not going to get too poetic, but I at least thought I’d get it down on paper.