Day of ROCK

Posted on Oct 7, 2003

So, Monday was a big day. I had a phone interview for a position at Capital One, and a teleconference with Seba concerning the conclusion of a contracting job. The interview went OK, and the teleconference couldn’t have gone better. After that, me and Mom went to go watch School of Rock, which I’ll give a full review tomorrow probably.

Today was a lot of fun, too. I took delivery on the new Outkast album, and my birthday present for my dad. I also got two books on database theory that will really help me with these contracting gigs if I keep doing that in the future. I got my Virginia Driver’s License– that’s right, I’m a resident now.

My second Madden season has reached 9-10. David Carr is leading the league in QB Rating, TD’s, and yardage. I went 23 of 26 for 523 yards and 10 TD’s against the Colts. Stacey Mack is leading the league in yardage and TD’s. The top two receivers are Corey Bradford (?!) and Andre Johnson. Andre was out for a month, which helped Corey out. Billy Miller has emerged as the league’s best tight end, but I’ll probably trade him, because Bernie Joppru is right on his footsteps in all categories, and he’s a better blocker when the time comes for that. The Dolphins are 9-0 as well, so our meeting will determine home field for the playoffs, it appears. My defense has become a juggernaut, second only to Miami’s in all categories.

So it kind of looks like things are clicking on all cylinders. I find out tomorrow whether I get to have a real interview and take the Capital One test. Here’s hoping.