Madden Update

Posted on Oct 14, 2003

I completed my unbeaten season awhile ago with a convincing victory over the St. Louis Rams in the Super Bowl. David Carr finished with league records in TD passes and passer rating. Corey Bradford set a record with 24 TD catches. Aaron Glenn set a NFL record by returning an interception 103 yards for a score. It was not a pleasant season for the rest of the NFL.

Now, for season three. Exploiting a little bit of a hole in the Madden CPU owner logic, in week six I traded my first round pick to Arizona for theirs. So I moved from the 32nd pick to the 3rd, straight up. I did similar things in the second and third rounds (to different teams). The Kid refers to the fella I picked up with the third pick. In a few years, he’ll be as good as Priest Holmes—and cheaper. He’s got a ton of touchdowns, and watching him catch passes out of the backfield gives my offense an entirely new dimension. I also got at least three other impact players in the draft: a starting outside linebacker in the second round, an excellent backup strong safety who’ll see action in some situations in the third round, and a great kick returner in the sixth round. I haven’t gotten to the regular season yet, because I have real work to do for a little while. Oh well!