Washington, DC

Posted on Oct 14, 2003

We went up on Sunday morning, stopping at the house of the guy who was hooking us up with the tickets. We were there long enough to grab a doughnut, then it was off to FedEx field.

The drive from where we were was really interesting. We passed by the Washington Mall, and saw many of our nation’s treasures. Mom and I were planning on browsing this area the next day, while Dad worked. It was the first time I had been to DC since I was about fifteen, so that was refreshing. I wasn’t into things like looking at maps at that point.

When we got there, we kind of had to pull one over on the box guards to get three Van Fleet’s in with two tickets. I went out to the smoking balcony and waited while my dad went to the box, then came back with Mom’s pass. Boom, I was in.

The game was really enjoyable, but this is now two professional events in a row I’ve watched in the box. That’s really a whole other kind of event. Roughly 8.7 seconds after the ‘Skins looked like they might be bringing the house down on their heads, the focus became watching as many of the NFL games as possible. I’m down with that. We all had enough great, free food that we didn’t even need to eat dinner later. I’m just kind of upset that I got a little drunk on our beer the night before so I couldn’t enjoy the free stuff in the box.

We watched six innings of Josh Beckett’s two-hit shutout, and hated every second of it.

After that, we were at the guy’s house and had some after-game snacks and dessert. Yeah, that sounds horrible, huh? Then it was back to the hotel room to watch fourth season Sopranos and Carnivale. I really liked the first few episodes of Carnivale, but it’s gone downhill a bit. Hopefully it’ll pick back up; I enjoy my high weirdness.

The next day, Mom and I hit some museums. For some reason, I remembered the Air and Space museum having an Omnimax theatre. I have this memory of watching an Imax movie in the planetarium posture– almost laying down. This may not even really exist. It certainly wasn’t at the Air and Space museum. We did a couple of the things around there, but it really wasn’t that educational. I’m sure I could have learned a great deal about war, but that’s really not an interest of mine.

The next stop was a great exhibit at the Smithsonian called Genome. It had great depth and breadth into its subjects, and really got my mind going. I love when that happens.

After that, we shopped for some clothes, went to dinner, and came back home. That’s one enjoyable weekend.