Sports, sports, sports.

Posted on Oct 28, 2003

The third Madden season ended up undefeated, the second one in a row. I wasn’t making it a goal, it just worked out that way. In the fourth season, I’ve faced my first real difficulty as a GM, having to let go two or three of the major players. Aaron Glenn was a real loss. I traded down my first round pick for a Gary Walker replacement, and the pick that became Kris Brown’s replacement. All those replacements are headed to the Pro Bowl, even though it doesn’t even look like Glenn’s replacement is the best corner on my team, on paper.

Once again, my live drafted fantasy football teams have tanked. I’m wondering if I should even continue trying. Also, with my pick ’em record this year, I’m considering that gambling thing… Oh, who am I kidding. Isn’t that illegal?

I still haven’t heard any sportswriter mention that the Marlins paid Mike Hampton $10 million to pitch for the Braves this year. Isn’t that like twenty percent of their payroll? Is anyone going to watch Marlin baseball next year? I don’t have these answers.

Is it me, or was this one of the most exciting post-seasons in recent history? The post season went a grand total of three games under the maximum. There were folds and great performances along the way, lots of exciting storylines… Yet for some reason I really didn’t enjoy it as much as I might have. I remember the Marlins and Indians series being more exciting.

Is it time for basketball already? I’m not ready! Can’t we just cancel the season already? Or maybe get rid of like half the teams? I’m watching this season under protest.

For all the shit that people are talking about the Eagles, they’re one game back in the NFC East. Don’t sportscasters look at the standings?

I like Brent Jones in the booth. I like Michael Irvin in the commentator’s chair. I really don’t have an opinion on Rush’s politics (besides thinking he’s a comedian), but his sports commentary was wanting.

I think that’s it.