Job Updates

Posted on Nov 27, 2003

I’m working on finding out what I can about this IT organization. If you guys got to see what I’m doing, you’d be thinking “Our little baby’s all growns up.” I certainly think so when I’m on the job.

At first, I was kind of concerned because I had no experience. But you really don’t need all kinds of experience sometimes to tell there’s problems when employees don’t talk to or respect management decisions. As I’ve said a few times in the past couple of weeks, sometimes I’m amazed that anything happens in this world at all. Progress sure seems a lot more odd.

As for the software development side, the really exciting stuff, I got the laptop in and tied all the pieces of my framework together. Just for shits and giggles, here’s the pieces:

Everything’s either LGPL or an equivalent, which means that you can use it freely even if you’re building proprietary software with it. One metaphor I’ve seen that I really like referring to the Open Source movement is that it’s a war– only in this war when Open/Free software gains ground, it can’t be regained."

Since I got everything tied up, things have kind of stalled. There are many places that I could go next but what I’d like to do is finally get the requirements document done. I’m very excited about the process that I’m using, almost as much as developing the product. Products come and go, but if I have a working process, that’s like a license to print money.


Anyway, I’ve got to hit the hay, even with my nap. I haven’t packed and I need to split in about twelve hours. I’m going to be doing a bunch of reading. This is shaping up to be one unique vacation.

Tell you all about it later!