Posted on Dec 14, 2003

So, the trip to New York was up and down. On the up side, I saw and hung out with Dan. That was fun, and a real throwback to the old days. We checked out a Jets game, and man, that was something else. We showed up at the Meadowlands at about 4:30 and had beers, burgers, and dogs until the game at around 9. The game itself was something else, very exciting. I loved our seats, which were under the overhang on the lower deck, right at the fifty yard line.

I got sick on Thursday and found out that Jesse, my best friend from back home in Maryville died. I spent all of that day in bed and moving my travel schedule around. Friday I spent at LaGuardia trying to leave. Saturday, I actually got to leave on the train, cancelling all my flights and stuff. More on that next post.

So overall it was nice. I hope to make it back sometime, but there’s a few other places on my list first.