Review: The Return of the King

Posted on Dec 18, 2003

I’m not going to go into detail here, as much of the magic of the book is in the plot, and it’s hard to talk about what I liked and didn’t like without giving it away. In short, the movie rules, it’s the best one of the series. If you haven’t watched any of the series, do yourself a favor, rent the DVD’s over the next week then watch the finale on the big screen. This is one of those movies that, unless you’ve shelled out for the serious home theater system, you’re going to feel slighted if you wait to rent it.

The one thing I’ll say for those who have read the books: you might be concerned about how they handle the very ending, after the climax. It’s done just OK. It’s the only thing which gives the .3 deduction for a 9.7/10