Posted on Dec 18, 2003

I work for a company called OPGI. Once I get a chance to actually populate the website with some interesting information, I’ll provide a link but for now, it’s a shitty page I threw together in a couple of hours. They do a lot of work similar to what my dad did when he still ran the The Van Fleet Group.

The company has its operating partner, Chuck Gibbs, at the middle of everything. He has a ton of projects going all around the world—he circumnavigated the globe in the two weeks after I was hired. There are consultants working for him on all these different projects, and he’s just beginning to experiment with a small group of young employees.

They don’t have any technical employees, so I’m the first one of those. This puts me in a position to do the three things I’m working on currently:

Internal electronic communications

Chuck is still using his AOL address, although that won’t last for much longer. The company has no website, no e-mail addresses, no cohesive feel for working with it. I’m going to be addressing these issues into the future, but it’s likely to be a bit of a low priority.

Web application

The web application is something I’ve been working on since the BMT Micro, Inc. days. I’m trying to develop an entire development process starting from the moment you’re talking to regular people about what they want the application to do, up until the point where you deploy it to the web and write the invoice. CTC, baby! If it works, it’s really something that could give me an actual edge in the business world. I’m very excited about working in this area.


It was somewhat of a surprise to find out that one of the people Chuck works with here in Richmond asked for me to come check out their department and review their processes. So now I play two roles here, listening to technical issues raised by the OPGI team and making recommendations about the development process at the company. I mean, just because I have no experience, what should that matter? (ed. note: cringe)

It’s a tough gig with a lot of ups and downs, but it’s exciting. And since it’s ultimately something I’ll have to be quite comfortable with if I’m going to be a CEO myself someday, I might as well start getting experience now.

Something else, huh? There’s a lot of chances for me to learn new things and he wants me to spend time working on CISV issues, as well. I couldn’t really draw up anything better for myself, that’s for sure.