News From The Road

Posted on Dec 22, 2003

I hit town and picked up my rental car. This is only the second time I’ve ever rented a car, and the first one was because I backed my van into a pole while having a low-level nervous breakdown. This time I got to feel like an adult. Coming into town on business! Our little baby’s all growns up was all I could think.

Anyway, I picked up a Accord LX for my mid-size deal. Not bad, huh! I did get a little miffed at Enterprise’s web system for not charging me the $10 a day for being 24 even though I told them that before.

The bed over at the La Quinta Astrodome is probably one of the most comfortable hotel beds I’ve ever slept in, if not the best.

I’ve not even left yet and I’ve eaten at Freebird’s, the Hobbit Hole—er, Cafe, Rudyard’s, Rucci’s, Two Rows (more on that in a moment)… One thing you have to say about Houston is they have delicious restaurants.

At Two Rows, where I was meeting with Jordan Faykus, we saw Jamie Sharper and Kailee Wong from the Texans (bringing back Madden ‘04 memories for me… mmmmmm) and A.C. Slater was with them. Unbelievable! Of course, his real name is Mario Lopez. Who cares about that, though?

I got to run around with Jordan Pearce the other night, and that was a lot of fun. Rudz for drinks, West Alabama Ice House for drinks (also featuring the first time I walked out on a tab– whoops!), Rol-In for drinks– I think you’re getting the picture. That’s how we ended up at Rucci’s at 2 AM, and thanks to my magical “water and pill” regime, no hangover for Sunday.

I’ve also gotten quite a bit of work done, creating a fairly complete master development plan for the 360 feedback project, and having a good requirements meeting on that very issue today. Even so, though, getting reimbursed for the trip to just have that meeting seems like a big win for me. I certainly have enjoyed it.

I’m getting a Chai tea and posting on my blog from a coffee shop now. I mean, what next? Getting a beret? Starting a poetry notebook?

About the only thing I’m feeling bad about is that I haven’t called Jennifer yet about Jess, but that’ll change soon, I’m sure. But it’s been a happy conclusion to the holiday preliminaries.