Merry Christmas...

Posted on Jan 1, 2004

The request for the wardrobe came about when I discovered that I had two shirts that were the same. Exactly the same. And I had been wearing them for months, without even realizing. Unforgivable! “When did this happen?” I thought. Booney would never have let something like that happen on her watch.

Anyway, the new threads are mostly from Eddie Bauer. I’ve gotten many clothes from them over the years, mostly because they have a wide selection in Tall. (Also, when did Structure turn into Express Men and start to suck? How come they didn’t run it by me?)

Anyway, the content is mostly long-sleeve woven button-downs, suitable for dress or casual. It reminds me of Faykus’s wardrobe, only maybe with more stripes– and I don’t think I’ve seen him wear any sweaters. Not that any of you have seen me wear more than one or two maybe. But now I have some very nice ones that are actually appealing to wear. I actually like the idea, since apparently the idea of what a “sweater” is has changed since I was eight, and had to wear them to church. They’re a lot thinner!

A lot of accessories, too. New pairs of comfortable dress shoes, gloves, sunglasses, etc. I can appreciate anything that makes me feel a bit like I’m a new person. Even though it’s plainly obvious to everyone, I sometimes forget.

The knives are from J.A. Henckel. Erin’s mom took back the ones she bought for her– who could blame her! I survived my semester in the one-bedroom down on Brompton with just a utility knife. Have you ever cut bread with a utility knife? Not pretty. So anyway, score that one for the new place– whenever that happens. We’re having enough problems just getting the basement finished.

Christmas Eve netted me some neat books, including some which you’ll sure to see reviewed here shortly. Free time has been a lot harder to come by, lately. I did get some DVD’s as well, like Simpson’s Third Season (classic) and Family Guy third season (I didn’t even have the first two– what gives, Ib?)

That’s all for this post!