Posted on Jan 2, 2004
  • Going to a show in DC tomorrow night! Check it out!
  • I payed off my Discover card a couple of days ago. I’m only a month or so from positive net worth for the first time since my junior year at Rice!
  • FSU could miss a thousand field goals against Miami, and I’d never get tired of it
  • I know I’m totally lagging in the communications aspect with everyone, but it seems like I’ve been so busy. I know I’m not always, but it seems like it.
  • Due to an ill-advised move back to Windows 2000 on my desktop, I’ve lost a good deal of data. This normally does not happen to me. My Eudora mailboxes seem very corrupted, and that’s simply not acceptible! I’ll have to correct it at some point, but I’m thinking about going all webmail. If you’ve done so with success, let me know
  • Working out in the morning has been working like a charm. That part, at least. I’m very sore today, though– it’s been about a month since I got in there for the weightlifting. Maybe I’ll make it tomorrow, maybe I won’t, but it’s definitely becoming a part of my day.
  • I only have two resolutions: stick to my behavior plan (don’t worry, you’ll see it soon) and lose my gut. Maybe I’d feel good enough to try to make some friends here without the belly! Your days are numbered, pauncho.