The Week In Review

Posted on Jan 11, 2004


I’m 8-0 straight up in the playoffs, so far. That’s intriguing, but I have absolutely no idea who will win the Super Bowl. I’m picking the Eagles and the Pats to advance to Houston, but I absolutely cannot pick that game. Should be fun to watch, though!

The Job

I wanted to put together a good week on the software development project. This was the first time I was putting together real pages that are going to be used in the project using SOFIA and Hibernate.

I was on fire. Everything I tried worked, more or less after the first compile. The pages fell and I was able to get one day ahead of the best-case scenario I laid out for myself. I already gave that day up to work on the actual consulting gig a little.

I also got exposed to HttpUnit, a unit testing framework for web applications. The JUnit framework doesn’t exactly to wrap your tests around the pages in the right way, but HttpUnit fits just right. It’s easily integrated, uses an API, and looks like it behaves the way you want. It’ll be a big time saver for me if it works out.

Last thing about work– if I ever get a chance to fully work out what exactly I need from SOFIA to make it play exactly how I want, then I will be able to REALLY cook. SOFIA integrates about halfway with Hibernate, and if the other half ever falls, that will really be something. I know it’s within my reach, but I think I’ll really try to target any new additions for a 2.0 release, rather than doing such huge refactoring in the middle of this project.

The Plan

I got my behavior modification spreadsheet all worked out, and today was the first day. I plan on sharing the highlights of the results every week, so I’m at the very least not to have those stretches where nothing even shows up on the page.

Mission Accomplished

I got to talk to Brady in the middle of the week. It was really great, but it did make me realize how lonely I’ve gotten up here. Football is too interesting to skip it now, but it will be interesting when I get my weekends completely freed up. Am I going to do anything about it? Will anything that I do about it actually work? Who knows?