Glad That's Over!

Posted on Jul 24, 2004

The past 72 hours have been pretty crazy. Here’s the fallout.

  • I was up until about 5:30 AM on Wednesday night making sure that the set of reports that my project generated for its second pilot group were as good as possible.
  • Thursday afternoon, we find a problem. I have about six hours to regenerate all the reports, get them printed out, and get them FedExed to Ithaca, NY. That’s where Cornell is, for everyone who’s not Dan.
  • My A/C adaptor quit working, and my laptop quickly ran out of batteries, so I spent the day driving and calling around Richmond to find a replacement. Also, my cell phone mysteriously stopped working.
  • I didn’t get them out on Thursday, so I spent Friday doing the same thing, with the knowledge that we were all out of chances.
  • It seems to have worked. Yesterday went off without too much of a hitch, and now the reports are on the FedEx truck for delivery.

Did you know that FedEx bought Kinko’s? Or something along those lines? Very interesting. Certainly helped me out!