Posted on Jul 25, 2004

As fascinating as the word ElimiDate is– being a proper noun (ElimiDate, show), common noun (ElimiDate, the activity of being on an ElimiDate proper noun), verb (to ElimiDate a contestant) and interjection (ElimiDate!)— I lend much more credence to the online dating community, of which I can now pick the winners and losers.

The winners are eHarmony and OK Cupid. The first is quite expensive, the second is free. Don’t ask me why it works this way. But if you choose to check out OK Cupid, definitely let me know your username so we can play the Friendster angle there. If you are an introvert, then definitely check out eHarmony. Yes, the commercials with the founder are creepy, but there are decent connections to be made out there.

I’m going to sleep after I drink a glass or two of water.