Posted on Sep 29, 2004

First, I got my iRiver H-120 back as a warantee replacement. I had kind of stopped using it at one point, but now I’m very excited to have it back. The music database project hit a bit of a snag, but one that’s involved in making it look and work a lot better. So I’m doing a bit of slogging through that in the spare time that I have.

If only I could get motivated! I’ve had some serious personal velocity issues lately, the kind of which I haven’t battled in quite some time.

Of course, I did go up to the DC area last night to watch Dave Thomas give a talk to the Northern Virginia Java User’s Group. (Normally, I’d link that, but I am 100% certain that 0% of my audience cares!)

Jordan Pearce (getting married Jordan) is having his e-mail bounce, so now I’m going to have to log in to AIM sometime today and try to catch him that way.

Bill gets back from his trip up north today. That means we’re in for some debriefing. Hopefully we’ll start to get me interested and motivated in something, because I’m having trouble doing the job I’m working on right now.