Weekend Update

Posted on Oct 4, 2004

Over the weekend:

  • After a frustrating day of work on Friday, I got excellent direction from Bill that verified that we’re nearly always on the same page when it comes to decisions that have impact on both the business interface and technical implementation of what I’m doing. This is a huge relief as well as a good deal of validation. I sure do like my new job.
  • I zonked out very early on Friday, after cooking my chili for the first time in two months, probably. I do believe that those events were unrelated.
  • *I woke up early on Saturday, totally refreshed, and got right to work. and had a “straightening the place” morning. Made lots of progress in the front two rooms and got almost all the dishes done. It is a gigantic pain not having a dishwasher.
  • Brunch with Bill went really well. We chatted about mostly business stuff.
  • I invited Megan (from OKCupid) over for the UT vs. Auburn game on Saturday night. UT was totally destroyed. That was crap, but me and Megan had a good time anyway.
  • Even though Sunday was a little lazier, I still got the dishes done, the kitchen clean, my fall clothes and summer clothes co-existing peacefully in my closet, new drawer places selected for appropriate clothes (e.g. sweaters that get pointy shoulders if they don’t live in drawers), my stuff put up from the flood, and my spare bedding housed in a stackable container in my spare closet. Hoo-ha!
  • I’m going through and ripping the albums that I remember giving the “five-star” rating at some point in time. I’m through De La Soul.
  • I’m convinced that I found the final piece of the puzzle to construct my on-line music database. Now I can finally begin getting the pieces written.

All in all, an excellent weekend.