On The Job

Posted on Nov 9, 2004

The interview process with Amentra has been going well. The primary concern is the amount of travel possible. I’m at a critical point here in my life in Richmond, and unless I get a chance to stay here and continue to go out with my girl and get comfortable in my environment, I’ll end up being miserable all over again. Not worth a paycheck.

Fortunately, that’s the only downside. The job would be very challenging, but exciting. It’s very much a small-team, us against the problem set up. They rely on having very good people to get the job done. I’m confident that I’d qualify.

Bill’s older brother Rob has worked here in the area, and he says that Amentra would be one of two places that he’d want to work if he were going to go the consulting route. While I might prefer a regular position in a company, I can’t argue with the recruitment process so far.

I’ve been told to expect a call sometime today from the recruiter to help me set up a meeting with the CEO. He should have a job offer and details of my first assignment, if I can impress him enough. Here’s hoping!