Stole This From FHM

Posted on Nov 13, 2004

Last year, a buddy and I went to see our Tennessee Volunteers play Vanderbilt in basketball. We knew that if we got there a little early, we could get tickets on the street really cheap. My buddy went in one direction to get tickets and I started flagging people down from the lot where we had parked. The first guy to pull up handed me $5 and asked me where to park. I took the money and said, “Anywhere you like, sir.” Then another car pulled up, and before I knew it, I had hauled in $150 when my buddy got back with some tickets. He convinced me not to press my luck any further and we went to the game. Afterward, we returned to our lot and there wasn’t a car to be found– we’d all been towed. Somehow I managed to avoid everyone I had duped as we all paid– yep– $150 to get our cars back.