... And Everything Else

Posted on Dec 21, 2004
  • Megan and I are still having a lot of fun together. I met another one of her good friends, named Marta, who goes to school about a block away from Allie. Not only did the three of us have fun, we went to an absolutely fantastic party hosted by another friend of Megan’s named Chris. He’s a very sweet, gay, black man. His friends say that he’s really blossomed since he’s been in Richmond, and that’s easy to believe! He was the most gracious host, and his place was gorgeous. I mixed a few drinks for myself and my friends, and talked to a bunch of fun, new people. It’s been so long since I did something like that.
  • I went to go see The Magnetic Fields earlier this month. It was a really great show. I was expecting to hear all of i, their new record. As it turned out, they played a few of the good songs off that record, a lot of 69 Love Songs, my favorite record of theirs, and my single favorite track off one of their old records. The sound quality was incredible, probably the best of any show I’ve ever been to. I also saw Sufjan Stevens, which was also good.
  • I finally got the OPGI laptop sent back. Of course, Chuck threatened to sue me for whatever reasons he had. Thank goodness it’s over, that’s all I can say about that.