Posted on Jan 7, 2005

It’s the quickie updates!

  • Go visit HomeStar Runner if you haven’t. Specifically the Teen Girl Squad episodes. I haven’t been there in awhile, but I was just reminded about it by a voice in my head.
  • I’m feeling really, really great.
  • I got the orientation at the YMCA near where I work. I learned good tips about how to lift weights to achieve my goals. I had not been doing it all wrong, but I wasn’t nearly as efficient as I could have been. I can write out what the tips were, if anyone is even reading anymore. The point is that I’m in good hands over there. I also rented a locker and joined a basketball league.
  • Work is really starting to come together. The boss lady gave me a lot of validation this week, and we haven’t really even started to “break the eggs” yet, if you will. At the moment, I’m working on material I find super interesting in Web standards like XHTML and CSS. It’s a way to make pages look pretty without having to bend yourself over backwards to make the desired layout possible.
  • The pay is good.
  • I’m reading books like The Millionaire Next Door half because I’m tired of reading books about my subject matter, half because I’m interested in how to get rich. The secret: no bling-bling. Whatever will Puff think?
  • I got my Palm working again. It’s been nice to have it around, especially since I’m going the “It’s-not-a-purse-it’s-a-messenger-bag” route so I can always have it around.

Now I’m going to get showered and head to work.