Posted on Feb 5, 2005

There’s been some things happening this week.

  • I did a little personal project in Ruby, which is really killer. The project is still very secret, so no fair asking.
  • I did not-too-well in the first basketball game I was in this past week. 0-2 from the floor, but I did get some rebounds.
  • Lifting weights is going swimmingly. Ricky, I’ll get around to posting what my trainer had to say about it at some point.
  • Speaking of Ricky, I just bought a plane ticket to attend his wedding. Got my hotel, too. I’m staying at the La Quinta downtown.
  • I’m getting ready to cook breakfast. When I eat at the great breakfast place around the corner, their bacon is way better than their sausage– but I love sausage!
  • I gave a nifty presentation on Java at work. I’m not quite certain what they are going to ask me to do anymore. Now that’s an odd situation. So right now, I’m working but taking it easy.