Where's My Beer?

Posted on Mar 9, 2005

Here’s a set of updates:

  • This month does deal with some nasty financial crap. I have a new financial planner, and I’m trying to get my taxes done this month as well.
  • The goal for this year is to be more financially literate. I’ve read three of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad books; those books have been the inspiration to study up.
  • As a result of that, I’m learning about investing in real estate. In conjunction with reading The Worldly Philosophers by some dude whose last name begins with H, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that shelter is the means by which the poor make the rich better off.
  • So, naturally, I’m trying to get myself in on some property.
  • Having nothing to do with the above, Megan and I are looking at houses. We’ve had one bubble to the top kind of disconcertingly early, considering that our leases aren’t up until June 1. Also, if you personally are considering buying a house sometime soon, PLEASE start getting educated now. There is a lot to learn, and no single mentor will be willing to teach you all that you should know to defend your own interests.
  • Work is still going well. They may hire me, they may not. I’m doing absolutely killer work, so I honestly don’t care.
  • I’m worried about Elizabeth– not my sister, but my friend. I need to get some time next week to go up and see her.
  • I have not been drinking. I promise.