All About The Benjamins

Posted on May 25, 2005

Yesterday, I had a good meeting with a local real estate investor group. Real estate investment is something I heard about first from Rich Dad, Poor Dad which is a book I’ll have a review up for shortly. At any rate, for various reasons including late-night infomercials, the real estate market is hot. I’ve been following the scene for awhile, and there is absolutely no good software to support the mind-numbing amount of detail that active investors have to keep up with. As writing software happens to be a talent of mine, I see this as an opportunity to learn the business and create a potentially hit product all at once.

I filed as an LLC last week and should get my registration sometime this week. I have purchased domain names. In another two weeks or so, I should have a usable product that’s small in scope. “It’ll be better, not beta” is the rallying cry of 37 Signals and the Ruby on Rails folks, and one that I think is suitable. (The Rails community is where I’m focusing my spare mental energy on the technical side these days.)

So, that is pretty much my first play to make a bunch of money. I’ll let you guys now how it’s going.