Weekly Update

Posted on Jun 22, 2005

Work Still Going Well

At this point, I’ve heard there’s new work for me in the pipeline. That’ll be nice. Until then, I’ve been toying with some very neat JavaScript. I may try to put this out LGPL style, but we’ll see.

More Quixtar

I went to a meeting where they kind of dodged my questions, like I figured. I’ll return the guy’s calls if he finds my number again, but if not…

IKEA Fleeced

We came very close to furnishing the house with two trips to IKEA. The first netted us:

  • 2 coffee tables
  • 4 end tables
  • a desk
  • 2 under-desk computer carts
  • a bedroom mirror
  • a bookcase
  • the rest of the entertainment center, featuring two shelves, a bridging unit, and two doors
  • curtains
  • bedding
  • the list goes on…

We also got a very good idea of what we want to do with the guest bedroom in terms of colors. I couldn’t be happier with the color scheme at this point. We also have two couches picked out, but we still need to figure out the specifics of how to get them down here.

Kate And Rob

We stopped by Kate and Rob’s place down on the Southside after dropping off our bounty at Megan’s self storage unit. It feels good to have friendly faces living around. I’m betting that number will be growing quite a bit this year.

Father’s Day

Father’s day was spent with my folks, which was nice. Mom was in Springfield for CISV on Mother’s Day, so she got cards, too. We went out and played mini-golf. I played the best front nine of my entire life (-5), but then fell apart on the back nine, after declaring myself “on fire.” The mini-golf gods are a spiteful sort.

Apartment probably rented

We’ve got a person that my landlord is checking out. He reminds me a lot of Dan. (Dan, are you still reading?) He’s a short Yankee Jew that’s good with fixing stuff. He’s a little thinner than Dan, though.

New cell phone

I got a cell phone with picture-phone capabilities. I hope to be able to take nifty pictures of smart things and turn that into another blog category.