Rough Week

Posted on Oct 17, 2005

It’s been sort of a rough week, even though I’ve been enjoying myself in general. My dad’s job at Capital One was eliminated, so now I’m preparing a “Can Web 2.0 get my dad a job?” blog post.

I needed a new set of tires, which I got yesterday. This was precipitated by having to change my spare at a gas station and almost doing it correctly.

I didn’t do a Top 54 post on Friday, so I’m now 2 of 4 on that score.

My fantasy teams did fantastically. I will retain first place in my ESPN keeper league, be a solid playoff contender in all my leagues, and am ready to break into top 50 for fans of the teams I like in my college football Pick-’em and salary cap football league.

And UVA beat FSU. So the minuses are big, but we’ll get through them.