What A Geek!

Posted on Dec 14, 2005

I know, only like two of you care about all this geekery.

In general, my life is going well. Megan and I are having a lot of fun, as always. We’re gearing up to send invitations out for our holiday party on the 30th. (Save the date, if you’re reading!)

My job at ALTERThought has been a challenge, but not in the ways that I expected. I do feel, thought, that I am beginning to settle there. I enjoy the people I work with there more than I have since college, so that’s a big plus. The job itself still has a lot of unexpected facets, so as I’m more fully settled, you’ll hear more from me here.

With the way I’ve been feeling, that’s been enough to pretty much fill my day. I got my mom a flat-panel monitor for Christmas and her birthday. She badly needed it for desk control.

I’m getting my dad something a little different. I want to get him blogging since he has a lot of great ideas he’d love to share, and he’s looking for a job. My Mom and Dad have always been very with it, and I want to help bring him up to the cutting edge of the job search sphere.

(Mom set up her own IMAP and SMTP client once. Beat that, other moms!)