By The Numbers

Posted on Dec 23, 2005

The joys of holiday technical support!

1Number of flawless hard drive replacements on the Dimension 4100
3Trips to Dell’s support site for drivers and manuals
21Viruses detected on the old hard drive
15Different kinds of viruses
>20installations of America Online, ranging from the 5.x to the 9.x series.
0Ethernet cards installed in the computer
~750Doo-wop songs saved from the bit bucket
3,000 songs x 4MB song x 1 Min per MB / 24 hours per daySomeone is either very committed or is finding people to bootleg MP3 cd’s from.
About 12Off-color pictures saved

But the most important number is

2: Non-administrator accounts created

Wait! I mean–

2: Happy future in-laws.

Happy holidays, everybody. I have some good posts left this year, so don’t hold this one against me.