Happy New Year!

Posted on Jan 1, 2006

Our Party

Our Not-A-New-Year’s bash went swimmingly! Megan was a superstar in getting the place cleaned up and everything ready. I pitched in with an assist on some things and helped keep her calm. Friends mixed and mingled and appeared to have a great time.

New Year’s Eve

We went to Fredericksburg for New Year’s Eve. We hung out with Marta, one of Megan’s friends. After having a nice dinner, we went back to Marta’s place for cookies, South Park, sample questions from her brother’s multi-state Bar exam prep book and some questionable champagne.

We walked to downtown Fredericksburg to watch the pear drop, but apparently the pear doesn’t drop anymore; they just have a laser light show and a ton of confetti. I really enjoyed that part of the evening. We spent the night back home in our bed.