2005: A Year In Review

Posted on Jan 6, 2006

2005 was a really big year, and if 2006 is anything like it, my 27th year on earth will see quite a lot.

Geek Stuff

I’m a gigantic nerd, so it’s not too much of a surprise that this section is pretty busy. I got my first #1 ranking on Google, even though the current search yields no love.

I started to really work with open-source operating systems, a trend which continues to the current day. I’m posting this from Ubuntu, which I hope to write about soon. (OK, I’m not– but I could have been.)

I drank the Ruby On Rails koolaid, even though I don’t really see my opinions on it represented on the blogosphere. I know that because I entered it during 2005.

I anted up for a lifetime of shared hosting at TextDrive. I should reach break-even next year at some point. I made that move, in part, to move to a new blogging platform.

And even though it’s probably of more personal interest, I’ll include getting my new job under this section.

Personal Milestone

Beyond the new job, there was the new house with its ridiculous listing. There were many trials and tribulations; so many, in fact, that I stopped writing about them in the middle, although the concerns are minor in the grand scheme of things. I couldn’t be happier with my house, even through all the little nits and picks. For those of you interested in buying a house, I highly recommend it, especially if there’s an IKEA nearby to fleece. Just be prepared for a lot of the unexpected.

While buying the house was not a direct outgrowth of my desire to increase my financial literacy, my exploration of the real estate market certainly was. So was starting my first business.

Also, I celebrated my first anniversary of dating Megan with a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

And, Finally

I got a digital camera. Hooray!