How To Succeed Without Even Really Trying

Posted on Jan 26, 2006
  • I notice that my readership has almost doubled without my even doing anything. Congratulations to you all for your delightful lack of taste.
  • I’ve changed around the sidebar. Big whoop. I’m almost done tagging all of my old posts (did you notice the increase in linkroll traffic?)* My family is with my sister, helping her to settle in her new environment down in Florida. She’s preparing to spend this coming semester at New College of South Florida. She’s excited and at the beach– that’s a pretty good combo.
  • I realized that Megan and I saw Mos Def and Talib Kweli this year and didn’t even blog about it. I should have my privileges revoked.
  • I am doing a lot of writing at work which is sort of dampening my enthusiasm for writing here lately. Too bad, because a lot of things have been happening.
  • I am trying to help put the finishing touches on the first major web application written for CISV. It’s being written in Ruby on Rails, and I feel it’s been going well. We just need to put some largely finishing touches on it and we’ll be in good shape.
  • Megan and I once again had a blast at a show featuring her friend Chris Eldridge. He is part of The Stringdusters who, as I understand, have been signed to a major label. They play “newgrass”, they say. Whatever that is.
  • I feel like I’ve really found a good place at work– I seem to be just the kind of person that the company is looking for, and they seem to be the company I’ve been looking for. I would be surprised if this wasn’t my last job for a long time. After this, I go out on my own in one way or another. (I may have this job for quite some time.)
  • I’m working on a secret project at work, so OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH aren’t I special?
  • The Notwist are good.
  • I’ve become part of some sort of nutty geek order; we’ll see how that turns out.