Purity Test

Posted on Jan 26, 2006

PURITY: 38% sex, 15% substance, 50% moral [36% total]

Well done! The higher your scores, the more “pure” you are. The lower, the more you’ve experienced.

This test was about done deeds, so your numbers will never climb. [It’s interesting to think they all started at 100%.] But will your purity continue to fall? Will you OUTGROW or will you OUTDO your past experiences? It’s up to you.

  • Don’t date anyone if your moral purities differ by more than 30%.
  • Don’t run a business with anyone if your substance purities differ by more than 40%.
  • Do be friends with someone who has less than 1/2 your sex purity. You’ll enjoy their colorful company.

Note: as for the “TOTAL” purity value – that’s a weighted combination of your scores, indicating what a typical purity test might say about you.

How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 4% on substance You scored higher than 29% on sex You scored higher than 24% on moral You scored higher than 17% on TOTAL