News From The Front

Posted on Mar 3, 2006

Megan and I continue to do well, although recently I think we’ve both been so exhausted that we aren’t doing a great deal after we get home from work and all our scheduled extra-curriculars. I think we both want to refocus, but I’ll need to borrow some of her strength to say no sometimes. There are so many good causes out there…

Megan’s Academic Challenge team finished 3rd in the state for their school size! I was their humble scorekeeper. I had a lot of fun, both because her kids are great and because it was fun to get exposure to one of the high-school “sports” I liked doing. It was a very impressive finish, and her team should be very proud.

I’m seeing Mogwai tomorrow night. It hasn’t really sunk in yet.

We are very much enjoying our new oven. Sometimes the little things, like having an oven that works on settings other than broil, are life’s true joys.

I am working like a dog at work, but to call it an exciting project would be an understatement. Nearly everything that I’ve learned either via formal instruction or as a hobby is being used in one form or another. It’s best for me if I stay somewhat mum until we have some actual promotional material that I can point you towards. I am at work right now, drinking a beer, though. That’s a plus. We beat our original target date for completion of what we’ve got thus far by six weeks. I have a lot to do with that, as well, which feels great. As soon as I get some rest…

I am playing a game called The Battle For Wesnoth which was called “The OpenOffice of gaming: extensive, fascinating and free of charge” by one reviwer on their home page. It’s one of my favorite games ever, which means that now is a particularly bad time to have found it. I need to be doing something else!